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October 28, 2002


Ms. Libby Davies (Vancouver East, NDP):

Mr. Speaker, the third petition is from residents of the Edmonton area who are calling upon Parliament to enter into negotiations with the Chinese community on redress and urging it to deal with the unjust situation that took place at the turn of the century regarding the head tax.

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Mr. Speaker, I rise today in the House on a very important issue. Close to 2,000 Canadians are petitioning the House to draw attention to the historical significance of the Chinese head tax and the Chinese exclusion legislation that prevented Chinese Canadian workers and their families from entering Canada and imposed a very devastating head tax, as much as $500 which at the time amounted to about two years' wages, against Chinese Canadians.

The petitioners are urging the Government of Canada to recognize the importance of this issue and to sit down and negotiate to provide compensation, to provide an apology, to understand the historical injustice that was perpetrated upon the Chinese community and to make sure this injustice is righted today.

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