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January 8, 2005
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Press Room

Petition & Rally
on Parliament
Ottawa-October 28, 2002

William Dere's
"Moving the Mountain"


Surviving "Head Tax"
Payer Charlie Quon &
Descendant Gim Wong -
in Vancouver - 2002

Online Coverage
Legal Challenge


Chinese Head Tax & Exclusion Act Redress in Canada
November 2006
Headline News

Edmonton Sun
July 2, 2006

Dozens of Edmonton descendants of Chinese immigrants who were forced to pay a federal head tax protested Ottawa's redress package outside Canada Place yesterday.

"Our message today to the Conservative government is very clear - we want redress now and we want it before the next federal election," said Kenda Gee, Edmonton co-chairman of the Chinese Canadian Redress Alliance. Click for More.
Protestors march in Edmonton's Chinatown on Canada Day, July 1st.
Photo Credit: Peter Wong

More media photos


EDMONTON JOURNAL -Descendants Should Get Payments, Group Says-June 23, 2006
NATIONAL POST - Chinese-Canadians Relate Experiences to Ministers-April 23, 2006

L.A. PACIFIC CITIZEN-UN Recommends Canada's Gov't Pay Reparations-April 2, 2004

EDMONTON RELEASE - Post-WCAR Resolution Calls For Redress - Oct 26, 2002

TORONTO SUN - Chinese Puzzle For Judge - June 12, 2002
SOUTHAM NEWS - Chinese Canadians Appeal - June 10, 2002
GLOBE & MAIL- Chinese Canadians Seek Apology, Compensation - June 10, 2002
EDMONTON SUN- An Apology Would Be Nice - June 6, 2002
RELEASE - Canadians Call Upon Ottawa to Redress Following NZ Apology-Feb 8, 2002


Legal Challenge 2000 (CCNC): CTV Canada A.M., CBC TV & cbc.ca

December 18, 2000

Toronto --
The Chinese Canadian National Council serves a Statement of Claim on the Federal Government of Canada, on behalf of representative plaintiffs seeking redress for the Chinese Head "Taxes" and Exclusion Act. Together, the taxes and legislation represent 62 years of legislated racism directed solely against the Chinese Canadian community. Counsel to the plaintiffs is Mary Eberts, of the Toronto law firm, Eberts, Symes, Street & Corbett.

Toronto lawyer / CCNC President May Cheng & claimant Yew Lee appear on CTV's Canada A.M. with host Dan Matheson. See Transcript.

CBC-TV National coverage of Toronto Press Conference and secondary story from Edmonton (Vincent Mah), 6 p.m. National Newscast. Repeat (edited) story airs on 10 and 11 p.m. evening National News.

CBC Online (internet) on Sid Tan of the Vancouver Association of Chinese Canadians. See Story

NEWS LIBRARY: Selected Articles and Features from the Campaign
Righting a wrong before it's too late
Sun., May 21, 2000
Edmonton Journal
They just want an apology & $500 back
Sun., May 21, 2000
Edmonton Journal
"Asian invasion" may be tainted by racism
Wed., Mar 22, 2000
MacEwan Journalist
Top 25 Events that Shaped the Country
Sun., Jul 1, 1999
Maclean's News Magazine


PETITION: Calling Upon Parliament in Ottawa

On October 28, 2002, Vancouver East M.P. Libby Davies introduced our Petition in the House of Commons signed by approximately 2,000 names to symbolize the new millennium, among them prominent Canadians and even members of the (then) provincial Liberal Caucus of Alberta.

Download original Petition here in English [95 kb] and Chinese [108 kby].

Adobe Acrobat Format

REGISTER & CONTACT: Is Your Family Affected? Join Us !

Join the campaign, here !

Download the Registration Form in English [95kb] and Chinese [40kb]

CONTACT by email:
headtaxredress @gmail.com (no space)


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